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Album Credits.


Rowan Godel : Female Vocals
World Without End, Sanctus, Naoko and the Green Ray, Cocoon.

Nait Allen : Drums
 Downstream, Sanctus, All The Earth, Naoko and the green ray.

Sean Allen : Bass
 Downstream, Sanctus, Naoko and the Green Ray

Alfie Carroll : Guitar
 World Without End, Box of Delights, Cocoon

Carl Stanbridge : Upright Bass
 All The Earth

Jamie Paine : Drums
Where do we go from here ?

Gwyn Allen : BV's
World Without End, All The Earth, Cocoon

Diana Stanbridge : BV's
 All The Earth

Richard Swan : Accordion
 do we go from here ?

Ben Lawrie and Alexandra Brind
Extra crowd vox  : All The Earth



Nigel Palmer, Lowland Masters
CD Audio Mastering


Sam Richwood :
Cover and Inlay pictures, painted in acrylic. Lettering and wire frame characters used in the CD and website


My biggest pleasure with this album, has been having my friends come and work on it. Jamie, Gwyn, Alfie, Carl, Diana, Nigel, Richard - It's immeasurably richer because of you all, THANK YOU !! 
A special mention to Rowan Godel - your strikingly beautiful voice has really made this, you're a unique and incandescent soul.
  Also Nait & Sean Allen - your dedication and belief in this project, as well as your wonderful feel,  has been massively encouraging to me.
Thanks also to my parents, Richard and Wilma Oliver who have encouraged me in this all the way.
Nick Oliver, for helping with the cover layout.
A special mention goes to Sam Richwood - the ridiculously talented young artist who painted the cover and designed the lettering and inlay characters.